Macbeth Cast & Parent Info

Dear Parents of ‘Macbeth’ cast and crew,

Rehearsals, building, sewing, painting are all in full swing for Macbeth!

It is a tradition in Gunn Theatre to feed the cast and crew during the long rehearsals the two weekends before each major production. The Potlucks are sponsored by Gunn Theatre Boosters, but the food is provided by parents of the cast and crew.

There are separate signup sheets for each of the 4 potlucks. Here are the dates, food themes, and the expected number of people we need to feed each day. Cast is called for all four potluck work days. All tech crew is called for the first weekend, and then fewer are called on March 8 and 9. Your Stage Tech child should check with her/his crew head to see whether they are called for the final weekend. Click on a date below to follow the Jooners link to sign up (no login required):

Saturday, March 1 (“Italian”, 80)
Sunday, March 2 (“Asian”, 80)
Saturday, March 8 (“Mediterranean”, 50)
Sunday, March 9 (“American”, 50)

There are separate sign-up sheets for each day, with specific suggested dishes (email if you need recipes or info about where to purchase items). Set-up/clean-up slots are at the bottoms of the sheets. We also need a supervisor for each day (someone who takes responsibility for making sure it all runs smoothly). We have a lot of kids to feed for this show, so please sign up for at least one slot if your child is involved with the production.

A few important notes:

  1. We do not have a kitchen. Please bring all items ready to serve, (hot items at serving temperature, and fruit and salads washed and cut).
  2. Please label dishes and utensils and arrange for pickup at the end of the potluck or that rehearsal. Dishes left overnight create a pest problem.
  3. Bring lunch items to the Green Room no later than 12:30 p.m. on your chosen day(s). Snacks should be brought by11 am to the Green Room.
  4. If possible, please provide an index card with your dish noting if the item contains meat, dairy products, onions, nuts, etc. This is helpful to members of the cast who may have food allergies or who are vegetarians.
  5. Signup items are divided into units of 10 servings each. Please ensure that you provide enough servings (and feel free to sign up for multiples slots of the same item). Note: one serving of cookies is usually more than 1 cookie!

Gunn Theatre Boosters will provide drinks for snacks and potlucks.

The Theatre students and staff appreciate being fed during the long rehearsals prior to opening and the Potlucks could not happen without the loving support and generous contributions of parents. Thank you in advance for both!

Jim Shelby and the
Gunn Theatre Boosters