Student Directed One-Acts 2015

Great job, everybody who auditioned! The directors had a very hard time making choices. If your name is listed below, please come at lunch on Wednesday to meet your director and get your script.


The Still Alarm, directed by Declan Flynn

Bob                             Sam Hyrkin

Ed                               Nick Borbolla

First Fireman             Jackson Waschura

Second Fireman        Grace Kuffner

Bellboy                       Edut Birger


Fitting Rooms, directed by Jessy Mckeown

Mariel                         Cadence Calixto

Linda                          Anna Barbier

Rissa                           Maggie Kamb

Kate                            Viva Rose

Tia                               Sonya Beroza

Kahine                                    Annie Hambergen


A Very Potter Musical, directed by Dakota Baker

Voldemort                  Alan Hanson

Dumbledore              Max Mahle

Harry Potter              Andres Goldszmidt

Quirrell                       Julia Axelrod

Ginny                          Sondrine Bontemps

Malfoy                                    Alyssa See-Tho

Cho Chang                 Helen Foley

Hermoine                   Yasmine Hamady

Snape                         Emily Liberatore

Cedric                                     Aitan Grossman

Lavender                    Jasmine Pao

Neville                        Rawlins Echeverria

Crabbe                       Nitya Kasturi

Goyle                           Max Sherman

Ron Weasley              Tony Zunino


The Monkey’s Paw, directed by Grace Berger

Son                              Barry Bai

Mother                       Jamie Hatler

Father                         Brian Orsua

Company Rep            .           Victoria Stevens

Narrator                     Ramona Kamb

Narrator                     Zoe McKeown

Morris                         William Tschudy




Camera Obscura, directed by Janine Rogers

Woman                       Allyna Mota Melville

Man                            Ben Lee

Female Voice              Anjali Parikh

Male Voice                  Ben See-Tho


Chemical Reactions, directed by Amber Li

Ike                               Sam Woodbury

Bern                            Henry Alper

Lom                             Kyle Petersen