2016 Student Directed One-Acts Cast List



2016 Student Directed One-Acts Cast List

Congratulations to all who auditioned for 2016 One-Acts. Decisions were extremely difficult, and directors were so pleased with everyone’s work. If you are listed below please come to the mandatory cast meeting Wednesday, 3/30 at lunch to meet your director and get your scripts.

The Zoo Story directed by Ben Lee

Peter                          Barry B.

Jerry                           Sam W.


Gunn Improv! Troupe directed by Jessy McKeown

M.C.                            Ben S.-T.

The Troupe:              

Gabie F.

Grace K.

Joey M.

Kyle P.

Maggie K.

Miranda S.

Rawlins E.

Sonya B.


Reflections directed by Alyssa See-Tho

Augustus                   Alan H.

The Insane                Sam H.                      

The Liar                    Zoe M.

The Fear                    Danika H.

The Guilty                 Chloe S.

The Lost                    Anna A.

The Reminder          Arman M.

Augustus’s mom     Bianca M.


Almost Maine directed by Eva Stoneburner

Story of Hope

Man                            Mitchell M.

Woman                      Miranda L.

Suzette                       Olivia E.


They Fell

Chad                           Shayan H.

Randy                         Aman R.


Los Vendidos directed by Nicolas Borbolla

Honest Sancho         Andres G.

Johnny Pachuco       Itay C.

Revolucionaria        Laura M.

Mexican-American  Eric W.

Farmworker                        Julia A.

Secretary                   Anjali P.


Universal Language directed by Grace Berger

Dawn                          Kiana F.

Don                             Charlie S.

Young Woman         Elizabeth S.


Two Eggs directed by Emily Liberatore

Jane                            Olivia S.

Kiss Ass Skip                       Henry A.

Bummer Skip           Ruth G.

Caveman Skip           Sebastian R.-H.

Sexy Skip                   Logan J.