The Crucible/Broadway Workshop ’16 Cast Lists


Really wonderful work from everyone on all days of auditions! If you auditioned and did not get cast, TRY OUT AGAIN! That’s Show Biz!! If you are cast in The Crucible, please come to the Studio Theatre tomorrow, Friday 9/8, after school, for our first All Cast Meeting and Read-through.  Again, great work everyone.

Abigail                        Gabie

Betty Parris                Anjeli

Cheever                      Shayan

Danforth                    Charlie

Elizabeth Proctor      Maggie

Francis Nurse              Ben S.-T.

Giles Corey                 Barry

Hopkins                      Joey

John Proctor              Andres

Judge Hathorne         Kyle

Marshal Herrick        Sebastian

Mary Warren             Olivia E.

Mercy Lewis               Jasmine

Ann Putnam      Miranda

Parris                          Sam

Putnam                      Rawlins

Rebecca Nurse           Olivia S.

Rev. Hale                    Henry

Sarah Good                Ruth

Susanna W.                Chloe

Tituba                         Zoe


Thank you for auditioning. I loved everyone’s work on stage, and if you didn’t get cast, please audition again. For those cast, our first meeting will be next Thursday, September 15th at 3:45pm in the studio theater.

Noises Off by Michael Frayn

Lloyd: Jim Shelby

Dotty: Anna A.

Garry: Quinn

Brooke: Sanaa

Red Speedo by Lucas Hnath

Ray: Lucas

Peter: Paul Dunlap

Coach: Tim Farrell

John by Annie Baker

Elias: Itay

Jenny: Annie L.

Mertis: Clara K.

Genevieve: Danika

Guards at the Taj by Rajiv Joseph

Babur: Advait

Humayun: Aman