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Welcome to Gunn Theatre for 2018-2019!! We take great pride in producing wonderful shows and exploring the richness to be found in theatrical expression, whether in the form of performance, writing, designing, singing, or any of the other myriad modes of communication that theater affords. Glad you’re here!!

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Metamorphoses Rehearsal Schedule

Metamorphoses/Broadway Workshop Cast Lists

Gunn’s Fall 2018 Play:

Metamorphoses by Mary Zimmerman

METAMORPHOSES and Broadway Workshop ‘18 will be a great experience for everyone who works on them. Like anything great, they require a considerable time commitment.  Please look at the times and information below and talk them over with your parents:

METAMORPHOSES)/Broadway Workshop ‘18 Auditions: Mon 8/27 or Wed 8/29 after school, callbacks will be on Thursday 8/30.

Broadway Workshop ‘18 performances: October 11 and 12 @ 7:30pm in the Studio Theater. BW’18 Rehearsals will be once a week starting next week, then you must be free 10/8-11 for tech rehearsals before our performances.

 METAMORPHOSES Performances: Opening Night Gala, Fridayt November 2nd at 6pm, performance  at 7:30pm, Saturday November 3rd (7:30pm), Wednesday Matinee, Thursday November 8th (4pm), Friday November 8th  (7:30pm), Nov. 9th (7:30pm), Saturday November 10th (2pm Matinee),  Saturday November 10th (7:30pm).

 METAMORPHOSES mandatory Cast and Crew PARENTS MEETING: September 27th @7pm in the Studio Theatre;

METAMORPHOSES Rehearsals are M, W, Th, Fri from 3:45-6pm;

METAMORPHOSES Potluck rehearsals go from 10-6 both weekends before we open: October 20-21 and October 27-28;

METAMORPHOSES Tech week: M-Th Oct 29, 30, [31] Nov. 1 rehearsals until 9pm!

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2019 Student-Directed One-Acts

TBD, 2019 in the Studio TheatreSix one-act plays directed by our Gunn Theatre students. All plays are performed each evening of the run!

Spring Play


Spring Play:

Spring Play (TBA) auditions are after school in January 2019. Performances are TBD, 2019!

Gunn’s Student Directed One-Acts:

Student Directed One-Acts Auditions are in TBD ‘19. Performances TBD, 2019