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Welcome to Gunn Theatre for 2018-2019!! We take great pride in producing wonderful shows and exploring the richness to be found in theatrical expression, whether in the form of performance, writing, designing, singing, or any of the other myriad modes of communication that theater affords. Glad you’re here!!

Support Gunn Theatre by becoming a Booster! You can do this by donating with the yellow slip that came with this year’s registration materials, or by clicking on the About/Boosters menu above! Your support allows us to purchase the equipment, costumes, and supplies that are needed to run a top-notch theatre program!

In the Heights Callbacks part TROIS

Gunn’s Spring Musical is Lin Manuel Miranda’s astounding IN THE HEIGHTS, March 14th-23rd 2019 in Spangenberg Theatre.

In The Heights PERFORMANCES are Friday March 15 (7:30pm), Sat. 3/16 (7:30pm), Wed. 3/20 (4pm Matinee), Thurs. 3/21 (7:30pm), Fri. 3/22 (7:30), Sat. 3/23 (7:30pm) 2019. You must be able to perform in all shows to be in this production.  We will perform at Gunn’s Spangenberg Theatre!

In The Heights REHEARSALS are after school weekdays  until about 6pm; we will be having some Saturday rehearsals.  We will not be rehearsing the week of February 4-8 because of the Choir Show.  We will be rehearsing the weekends of March 2-3 and 8-9. These are mandatory.  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, March 11-13 will be late rehearsals until 9pm.  These are mandatory rehearsals.  This AMAZING show will also take a LOT of WORK!  Please check with your family to be sure you can add this show to your busy life!

In The HeightsCharacter Breakdown:

IN THE HEIGHTS is the story of 3 days in the tightly-knit Latin community of Washington Heights, on the island of Manhattan. During the hottest part of summer, the Fourth of July weekend, we get to know the neighborhood and its people. Universal stories of love, hope, faith and remembering where you came from are woven into the story. Everyone is reaching for their “American Dream” and must sacrifice something to get it. From the Tony Award-winning writers and creators of the Broadway smash, “HAMILTON,” comes a beautiful, touching, vibrant and timely immigrant story that is very akin to a 21st century version of “Fiddler on the Roof.” ALL ETHNICITIES ARE WELCOME TO AUDITION,  MOST OF THE ROLES ARE OF “LATIN-DESCENT.”

USNAVI DE LA VEGA (20-30) Youthful, awkward, sincere Dominican owner of a convenience store. Urban, articulate, funny, harbors a crush on the local salon beauty. Not a “cool stud.” Narrator. SINGS, RAPS VERY WELL, DANCES

SONNY (20-30) Young, smart-alecky, wise and dry cousin to Usnavi. Tough and smart Dominican, has big plans for himself and his neighborhood. Great comedy chops. SINGS UPPER RANGE, RAPS VERY WELL, DANCES

NINA ROSARIO (20-30) Fresh, smart college student. Brave and strong Puerto Rican girl, but has to tell her parents that she quit school months ago. Emotional and conflicted, but still the “star” of the neighborhood. Demanding role, lots of singing. VERY STRONG SINGER, DANCES, STRONG ACTRESS

VANESSA (20-30) Sexy, hardened, stylist at the local salon. Has a troubled home life, wishes to get out and into something better. Tired of all the whistles and catcalls, looking for a true love. Ethnic, but definitely American. STRONG BELT SINGER, STRONG DANCER

BENNY (20-30, Black, White, Asian or any other non-Latino) Strong, smart, masculine worker at the Rosario Taxi dispatch. Very ambitious, urban, and full of big dreams. Handsome, bright, and harbors a crush on the “boss’s daughter.” VERY STRONG SINGER, GOOD DANCER, STRONG ACTOR/RAPPER

ABUELA CLAUDIA (50-60,) Sweet, caring, and supportive Cuban matriarch of the neighborhood. Takes care of all the young people, and regularly plays the lottery. A wise character with strength, passion, and a long memory. A powerful actress, singer and story-teller. STRONG SINGER, STRONG ACTRESS

KEVIN ROSARIO (40-50) Puerto Rican born father to Nina. Owns and runs a taxi dispatch with his wife, Camila. Traditional, hard-working Latin father, over-protective, loving, but also has a temper. STRONG SINGER, STRONG ACTOR

CAMILA ROSARIO (40-50) The smart, caring “business” half of the Rosarios. She takes care of the bills and business, but usually holds her tongue in the presence of her husband. Dynamic Puerto Rican woman, with a powerful voice and presence that gets unleashed when she’s had “ENOUGH”!!! STRONG SINGER, STRONG ACTRESS

DANIELA (35-50) Sassy Puerto Rican owner of the local hair and nail salon. Loves to gossip, has a tough exterior, but enjoys being “The Boss.” Her salon rent keeps going up, so, sadly she is moving to the Bronx. Great comedy chops and timing. Think Miranda Priestly meets Sofia Vergara. VERY STRONG SINGER, STRONG COMIC ACTRESS

CARLA (20-30) Bubbly, funny, side-kick to Daniela. Very sweet and religious. Supportive friend to the salon trio. Good at playing “dizzy or bird-brained.” STRONG SINGER, GOOD AT COMEDY

GRAFFITI PETE (20-30, Any ethnicity) Young, urban, slick graffiti artist of the neighborhood. Slightly shady, but with a good heart. He doesn’t see his “art” as a bad thing, wants to make a difference while making a living. Need an excellent hip-hop or break dancer. VERY STRONG DANCER, RAPS WELL

PIRAGUA GUY (30-50) The town-crier. Sells shaved ice from a cart, has a soaring tenor voice, reflects on how the people in the neighborhood “keep scraping by.” Charismatic and important role. SINGS VERY WELL, DANCES SOME

MEN AND WOMEN OF WASHINGTON HEIGHTS (20-50, Latino, Latina, Black, Asian, White) Interesting, diverse and well-rounded people of the community. All shapes and sizes. As important as any of the principals, these people have stories of their own. We would like to see more than just great singers and dancers. Bring your strength, your vulnerability, your history, your sass, your humor and your love and pride from your ancestors. Challenging part singing and modern dance moves. VERY STRONG SINGERS/READERS, HIP-HOP and LATIN MOVES/ACRO TRICKS



Gunn’s Fall 2018 Play:

Metamorphoses by Mary Zimmerman

 You don’t need to know a thing about Greek mythology to understand and enjoy Metamorphoses.  In adapting Ovid’s Metamorphoses for the stage, theatre visionary Mary Zimmerman has created a work of stunning beauty and emotion.   Her fanciful updating of the Latin classic was a surprise hit on Broadway.  We have assembled a cast of nineteen Gunn actors, each of whom plays multiple roles, to bring to the stage a most memorable production.  In addition, the stage crew has constructed an unbelievably beautiful set surrounding a POOL of WATER on stage. The stories of Ovid and Metamorphoses have a vital, enduring, and universal quality which touches something inside each of us.  This powerful, timely, and timeless piece of theatre is just right for these “interesting times” and is not to be missed.  See you at the theatre!   Purchase Metamorphoses tickets here!

  Opening Night Lecture and Gala Friday, November 2nd at 6:00 p.m.

Come celebrate opening night with wonderful Greek treats and lively company.  You are sure to enjoy the show even more after hearing another one of our scholar emeritus Mr. Tim Farrell’s illuminating talks. Tickets are $25 for this evening and it will be held in the Gunn Faculty Lounge.  Proceeds support the Gunn Theatre Boosters. Purchase Tickets HERE!

 METAMORPHOSES Performances:

  • Friday November 2nd:
    • 6pm: Opening Night Gala
    • 7:30pm: Evening Performance
  • Saturday November 3rd: Evening Performance: 7:30pm
  • Wednesday, November 7th Matinee Performance: 4pm
  • Thursday November 8th Matinee Performance: 4pm
  • Friday November 9th: Evening Performance: 7:30pm
  • Saturday November 10th:
    • 2pm Matinee Performance
    • 7:30pm Evening Performance

Purchase Tickets HERE!

METAMORPHOSES Rehearsals are M, W, Th, Fri from 3:45-6pm;
Metamorphoses Rehearsal Schedule

METAMORPHOSES Potluck rehearsals go from 10-6 both weekends before we open: October 20-21 and October 27-28;

METAMORPHOSES Tech week: M-Th Oct 29, 30, [31] Nov. 1 rehearsals until 9pm!

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2019 Student-Directed One-Acts

TBD, 2019 in the Studio TheatreSix one-act plays directed by our Gunn Theatre students. All plays are performed each evening of the run!

Spring Play


Spring Play:

Spring Play (TBA) auditions are after school in January 2019. Performances are TBD, 2019!

Gunn’s Student Directed One-Acts:

Student Directed One-Acts Auditions are in TBD ‘19. Performances TBD, 2019